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Product Code 852844007673

FBI Display Case ~ Flat Base

(16 × 6 × 6 in)



Product Description


Clear Ballistics FBI Display Case is the perfect way to display a Clear Ballistics FBI Gelatin Block. This case will prevent fingerprints. This case comes in two parts, the top part which is clear 1/8 thick Plexiglas. The bottom part is solid black 1/8 Plexiglas. The top fits firmly onto the bottom with a slip joint.


One – Plexiglas Display Case (16.25L X 6.25W x 6.25H)
Weight: 5 lbs

About Our Ballistics Gelatin

Clear Ballistics ballistic gelatin is a modern-day ballistic gelatin, is 100% synthetic and contains no organic materials. It has taken the place of conventional ballistic gelatin, which is 100% organic, and completely temperature unstable. It is 100% clear as glass, odorless, reusable, temperatures stable (temperatures up to 240F), and mimics human tissue 100%. It is non-toxic. Our ballistic gelatin is moldable into any shape. Our ballistic gelatin does not mold or rot. Our ballistic gelatin does not require special storage. Our entire ballistic gelatin process is batch-controlled. Clear Ballistics does calibration on the gelatin with each batch, and we following the FBI protocol for ballistics testing developed for ballistic testing of human tissue.